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trondheim's newest member

Sister Barlow and Sister Bone just before Linna's baptism.

Linna was born and raised in Trondheim. She has always been fascinated by religion and while she was raised in a family without religious beliefs, she has had a faith in God since she was 10 years old.

We feel so grateful for the opportunity we have had to receive front row seats to Linna’s conversion and to be able to develop such a close friendship with her at the same time.

Linna was first taught by elders in 2011, one of which she is still friends with on Facebook. She has had contact with a couple other sets of missionaries over the years. In January, Elder Gonzalez and Elder Pepe found her record in the area book and decided to call her and she was more than willing to meet! We will always remember the very first lesson we had with her because she came prepared with a list of questions she had about our beliefs after having read from Gospel Topics online! Over the next couple of weeks she progressed very quickly, always asking us for more things she could study to prepare for the next lesson. She has a strong testimony about revelation and when we asked her to be baptized after teaching the Plan of Salvation, her response was an absolute yes. She explained to us that she had received her answer and now she had no other choice but to act on her faith and the confirmation she had received. She told us that when God gives us revelation, He trusts us to have the faith and courage to act on it. She is a huge example to us of how to act in faith and trust in the Lord. As she continued to learn about the gospel and prepare for baptism, her biggest concern was finding someone tall and strong enough to lift her out of the water! She is unbelievable.

Sister Barlow and Sister Bone

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