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Beautiful baptism settings

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

We have had some amazing young people join the church recently in branches where no baptismal fonts are found. Here are some beautiful settings and some wonderful stories.

Frode was contacted by sisters as they volunteered in the local non-profit organization. They began hiking together and shortly he asked them if he could learn more about Christianity. He then joined them with the local church group to play volleyball. As the number of missionaries continued to shrink, the sisters were transferred out and elders covered the area from Stavanger. When both elders were leaving the area, Frode just decided to be baptized the next day June 14 before they left. He will now be baptizing one of two brothers planning to be baptized this weekend. Pictured are Elders Bennett, Fjord, Thomas, Frode and Elder Brown.

Carrie was contacted on Instagram and responded with interest. She had been a friend through junior high and high school with a member who returned from a mission one year ago. She had also had this friend's dad as a teacher in school several years earlier. Her previous involvement with members and with some church youth activities had prepared her well to receive the gospel. She stands here with Elders Olson and Williams who taught her.

Helen was contacted several months ago through social media. She had earlier dated a member from the United States who had died in an car accident. She was eager to be taught about the purpose of life and was eventually taught by several missionaries in the Fredrikstad ward. She was baptized June 26 with a very supportive group of Fredrikstad ward members in attendance. She stands here with Elders Farnsworth, Beutel and Rasch.

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