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July baptisms

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Some great people have been led to us and decided it was time to enter into covenants with the Savior. Here are some great individuals whose lives have been changed and blessed because of the peace they feel when the study the Book of Mormon. That is the common denominator with these great individuals.

Jarle and Rolf, the two who look very similar, were contacted 19 months ago before Christmas on the streets of Haugesund where they are students. Several missionaries have been involved in their slow but steady involvement with activities, church meetings, then reading the Book of Mormon. They returned to the their home in the Nannestad area for the summer and were baptized. Jarle was baptized by Elder Affleck just before he returned home. He is one of two elders who contacted them months ago. Frode baptized Rolf four weeks after he was baptized in Haugesund. We were blessed to have Frode, Role and Jarle stay with us at the mission home for a couple of days. In the picture we have several who have taught them, Sisters Gillam, Magnusdotter, Elder Affleck, Jarle, Frode, Rolf and Sisters Johnston and Johnson.

Vesna responded to a random but inspired Instagram post sent by Elder Van Slooten a day after she had prayed to find a church. He and companions Elder Høgset and Belnap visited her in the park and her journey in the Book of Mormon led her to the Gospel. She was embraced by members of the Tønsberg branch and is the newest member there. Pictured are Elder Høgset, Vesna, Elder Van Slooten who gave a talk from home in Los Angeles area, Elder Belnap and Elder Affleck.

Grete has been a great friend with Linnea, a stalwart member who has lived in Alta for decades. Their friendship led Grete to baptism after several years and many sets of missionaries. She stands here with Alta branch president Foslund, Elders Graff and Bybee, the last missionaries to teach her. Her love for the Book of Mormon and the teachings of the prophets gave her the desire to be baptized.

Rina began her research of the Church on the Church's website. She was impressed by the Joseph Smith story with Angel Moroni, began to read the Book of Mormon on-line and asked for information. A referral came to a member in Kristiansand and passed on to the missionaries. She has been embraced by Eliana, a convert of 4 months ago, and other members in the Kristiansand Ward. Carrie, a recent convert from Arendal branch, spoke at her baptism. The Book of Mormon is truly the key to conversion. She stands here with Elder Beaird and Elder Olson. Elder Williams was also very involved in teaching her before he was transferred.

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