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Skansen family baptism

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Rune's first contact with the church was in 1997 when a professor of religion took two days in class to disparage the church and the Book of Mormon. His curiosity was piqued and Rune and he sought out his first copy off the Book of Mormon. Over the past 24 years he has had some contact with missionaries, had read the Book of Mormon twice and some colleagues called him a "closet Mormon". Most recently, he responded to a Facebook post which got missionaries in contact with him again. Due to several factors, he read the Book of Mormon a third time, attended church a first time and the Spirit took over. He told his wife he wanted to be baptized and she was on board after she read 1st Nephi and his 8 year old son wanted to be baptized because his Bible videos talked about baptism as had the missionaries. The three were baptized August 14 in Lillestrøm. An older son and daughter are reading and hopefully will join them. This family is a powerful addition to the church in Norway.

We had the entire family to dinner the week before the baptism after we met them the first time in Romerike ward. We love then and feel like we have been friends for a long time.

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1 comentário

Heidi Wixom
Heidi Wixom
02 de set. de 2021

Such a fabulous story! Conversion comes along in stages, and perhaps Rune’s timing was perfect to coincide with his wife’s.

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