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The book is always better

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

The play "The Book of Mormon" has taken the world by storm. For the past seven years fans have flocked to the great music and the humorous and raunchy portrayal of young missionaries and stereotyped Africans. The Church has taken the high road and utilized the needling of our faith with the phrase "The Book is always better." The play reopened in Oslo, Norway this week after a several month hiatus here and a four month tour in Kristiansand, Norway. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with the Drammen missionaries and Drammen members as we greeted those leaving the play. They were humored that we, who had just been made fun of in the play they attended, were happily engaging them and giving them copies of the Book Mormon. Many of the typically private Norwegians engaged with us in conversation. Each night of the play, approximately 200 copies of the book are distributed. We can hope they will enjoy the book as much as they did the play. The book can change their lives.

Elders Garlick and Shanklin, Alex and Runar Eliassen, Sisters Ogletree and Starkie, and Sister and President Tew in front of the theatre where the Book of Mormon play is playing.

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