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Returning to stavanger

President Tew began his mission in Norway in the beautiful coastal city of Stavanger. We enjoyed a wonderful time there working with the missionaries, visiting with old friends and meeting new ones.

These three members of the Stavanger ward, Karl Petter Pettersen, Laila Pettersen and Erna Olsen, were missionaries in Norway with President Tew many decades ago.

President studied and taught with Elder Welch and Elder Jensen, shown here in the Stavanger building.

Sister Tew studied, taught and contacted with Sister Pond and Sister Belus, two of our great sister training leaders.

President Tew studied and worked with Elder Egan and Elder Pfeiffer, our wonderful and diligent zone leaders in the West Zone. They joined us for dinner with the Pettersens Friday evening after we arrived.

Bishop Anderson and Sister Anderson had us over for dinner Sunday afternoon with their sons Klaus and Leif. They have a daughter serving a mission in Boston. President Tew was a zone leader to Bishop Anderson's brother, Stein Arthur, many years go.

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