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new age teaching

All teaching is now done through Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype or other electronic means. We are blessed to have this technology. Without it and without the strong medical systems in Europe, we would probably be at home with so many other missionaries from around the world.

Elder Sobotka and Elder Goodwin teaching the Olsen family.

We meet regularly now through Zoom room with the entire mission since we have no zone conferences. Here is the mission gathered for a meeting this past Sunday after they all individually partook of the Sacrament in their various areas. It is such a sweet experience to see them all gathered together. We look forward to regular zone conferences again, but these moments will be valued memories of challenging but spiritually edifying times. They are tremendous as watching out for each other personally and through technology, notwithstanding the vast distances in the country.

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Roy Steen
Roy Steen
Mar 28, 2020


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