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One of the best Christmas concerts we have attended was performed three different days at two different chapels and had hundreds of attendees from the community and from wards in the Oslo area. Five our of talented musicians were able to support the choir and orchestra with their musical gifts.

Oscar W. McConkie once wrote, "It was decreed by the Mighty God that all his children be given all the happiness their souls could endure, and the joy of music was great amongst the blessings the Lord purposed to bestow upon men. For this cause, the Lord, under the direction of the Father, gave capacity for such talents to created spirits, in the day that he created them, for the express purpose of having them developed, both in the world of spirits and amongst men in the flesh. And the Lord wanted music that would please his own ears, precisely as he wanted doctrine that pleased him, for music was to be an aid to salvation, to stir up the hearts of men, to stir them up in remembrance of the Lord....

I would have you understand that music is necessary to a fullness of joy, and it must be else the Lord's plan would fail, that in all ages and stages of life, both before the flesh and after it, that music has been and is important...

Sister Madsen, Sister Wheeler and Elder Cribbs made up half of violin section, Elder Steele sang bass and Elder Jensen sang tenor.

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