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Hamar, skien, Arendal

President and Sister Tew usually visit a different congregation each weekend and are usually asked to speak. The past two weekends we spoke in Hamar and Arendal. Now we can say to our grandchildren we have visited the town made famous by the animated movie, Frozen.

More important is the teaching that occurs with the missionaries. President Tew was able to teach three wonderful Jehovah's Witnesses with Elder Barnes and Elder Shanklin. The elders were comfortable teaching the fall of Adam and Eve as a needed event for mankind along with the blessing of the Atonement and Resurrection of Christ.

Sister Bair, Sister Tew and Sister Madsen on the walk to the Arendal church. It is not the one in the background.

While is Arendal, we were able to meet some great members of the branch there. Top middle, the Cascone family from Italy in front of the Luthern church. Top right and bottom, the Fyhn family who kindly invited us to dinner Sunday after church.

Small branches generally don't have much chance for great music so we invited violinist Elder Cribbs and Elder Steele to come to Hamar with us. Top left, Elder Johnson and Elder Memmott in their apartment in Hamar. Top right, Elder Cribbs was accompanied by President Tew in a beautiful arrangement of A Poor Wayfaring Man. Bottom Left, Elder Johnson, Steele, Memmott and Cribbs in the cozy Hamar apartment. Bottom right, Elder Steele allowing Elder Cribbs to rest on the trip before he played.

One way to Arendal, we stopped in Skien to drop off 500 Books of Mormon and have lunch. Top right, Sisters Rawson and Ford in their apartment. Bottom left, President Tew, Elder Barnes, Elder Shanklin, Sister Ford and Sister Rawson. Right, Elder Barnes and Shanklin at work.

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1 Comment

Jan 30, 2019

Your pictures are great and I love reading about your wonderful experiences, miss you! Love from the states, Beverly

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