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Christmas gifts

Christmas is always wonderful for missionaries, but even more so when they see new converts entering into covenants with Christ through baptism. Read the amazing stories of these four converts.

Elder Moll and Elder Olson with Sifa and her youngest, Pascal.

Running from war-torn countries, moving to a foreign land, and single-handedly caring for six children on her own was just how life was for Sifa Kaboyi. The only thing that seemed to carry her through such difficult times was her steadfast faith in Jesus Christ. Before immigrating to Norway, Sifa was a strong believer and would always participate in church activities. She had a special dream that closely resembled Lehi’s dream, and knew there was a way back to God. She had even founded and built her own church which included a couple hundred active members. Sifa had been browsing Facebook and stumbled upon a video made by some Swahili missionaries in Spokane, Washington. Curious, she decided to send them a message asking to learn more. After teaching her a few times over video-call, they sent her to the missionaries in Trondheim, Norway as a referral. Elder Olson and Elder Beutel decided to make the long trip up to Namsos to visit her and a few others. They were immediately welcomed into her home and began teaching her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Namsos, where her family of seven lives, is unfortunately a 3.5 hour drive from the church building in Trondheim. This was not stopping Sifa. We taught their family the lessons over video and they felt that they had finally found the truth. The Swahili elders simultaneously taught them the lessons in their mother tongue. We decided to visit them in Namsos and soon we began to see their faith grow into what it is today. Pascal, a nine year old, also felt something special about what we were teaching. When asked why Pascal wanted to be baptized he responded: “To be nice like Jesus”. Their simple yet powerful faith is what would carry them through many other challenges on their way to baptism. God has been watching over this family their entire lives, and He led them to the true Church of Jesus Christ in His own timing and way. He leads this work, and performs miracles in accordance to our faith. After countless trials and challenges, Sifa and Pascal were finally home. Sifa and Pascal are committed to the gospel, and Sifa is a natural missionary. The rest of the family is currently being taught by the elders, and 21 of her friends in Uganda, as well as 40 in Congo desire to be baptized as well

Mille's journey to the gospel began as a skeptical irreligious foreign exchange student in Utah. Through friends and her host family, she slowly warmed to the church. She returned to Norway a few months ago and was taught by Sister Hiltebrand and Sister Baird. She returned to Utah just before Christmas and was baptized in her host family ward. The sisters were able to witness the baptism from Norway.

Celine was introduced to the church by Lin Veronica who was baptized 10 months ago. Months later, Elder Fjord became friends with her on Facebook and her interest was rekindled. She was taught, baptized and confirmed by Elder Fjord and Elder Beaird. Though she has faced personal opposition from family, she is supported by several other recent converts from various towns in Norway through their Facebook chat group.

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