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Baptism in Kristiansand

Eliana first met the elders when they offered free service on Facebook. She was in the middle of a stressful move because her rental home of 14 years was scheduled to be destroyed in 10 days. The Elders were at first cautious because Eliana seemed so frantic, but after the first day filled with intrusive landlords, aggressive movers and overall confusion, she invited them back a second day because of the time crunch. During a smoother second day, they discovered that Eliana was a very deeply spiritual person so the Elders told her her that as well as offering service they teach people about Jesus Christ and help them build their faith in him. When asked if she would be interested in having a lesson, her response was, "Yeah I am open to everything." Eliana embraced the truth and was baptized March 21, 2021.

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