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Baptism and branch conference in Harstad

We met Jorunn last December on our first visit to Harstad. We felt she would be a powerful member in the Narvik-Harstad branch. We were thrilled to return to her baptism the day before the branch conference and one day after Norway's constitution day, May 17. She was baptized in the fjord not far from her childhood home.

Elder Dansie and Elder Garlick taught Jorunn before she was baptized in the fjord near Fjelldal Norway.

The elders picked us up at the airport around 10.30 p.m. and we then went on a hike searching for an early glimpse of the midnight sun. Trees were barely budding, but it was very light.

Clouds on the horizon prevented our glimpse of the midnight sun.

Elder Garlick and Elder Dansie prior to their double transfer out of Harstad and Narvik.

We find creative ladders over fences on most of our hikes in Norway.

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2 comentários

Cameron Steele
Cameron Steele
28 de mai. de 2019

What a difference you are making there in Norway! We love and miss the Tews! Hurry home to us!


26 de mai. de 2019

What a crazy feeling being out at midnight and it still being daylight!

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