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zone conferences in person

After four months of remote communication, we held our first in-person zone conferences in June, one in Oslo, one in Sandvika and one in Stavanger. Missionaries were well fed, spiritually and physically, and was wonderful to gather again in person. The theme of the conference was "Say Nothing but Repentance Unto this People."

The Oslo Stake Zone in the Oslo Chapel

The West Zone in the Stavanger Chapel

The South Zone in the Sandvika Chapel

Prospective Missionaries from the Oslo, Moss and Drammen wards.

Past and prospective missionaries living in the Stavanger Ward.

Random photos of missionaries and guests at the Oslo Zone conference

Yes, we had a zone hike to Prekestolen the day before the West Zone conference in Stavanger. Can't promise that it will happen again, but it was wonderful to be together.

Workshops and food at the South Zone conference in Sandvika.

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1 Comment

Hege Farnsworth
Hege Farnsworth
Jul 10, 2020

Great photos, Thank you Sister Tew for keeping us updated with the wonderful missionaries in Norway!

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