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Last Zone/Mission Conference

One of the great joys of mission life has been gathering together to lift and support one another. As a small mission, we have connected in ways we don't believe would have been possible in a larger mission and we are grateful for this. Our last conference was a fulfilled promise by Elder Erich Kopishcke who has been trying to come to Norway for 18 months for a mission tour. He finally succeeded in getting into the country and we enjoyed being with him and his wife for a 24 hours including a 3-hour meeting with all the missionaries, several former Norwegian missionaries and several young adults from Haugesund and Stavanger. What a great second to last day in our responsibilities in Norway.

Our band of eight sisters plus Sister Tew.

The food line with Sister Baird, Elders Thomas, Belnap, Bevan and Lee. Sister Tew is in the background with Jennie Marchant and a new Sandvika ward member from the states. A great Mexican meal.

Elder and Sister Kopischke, inspired and pragmatic leaders.

Fjord trail bike ride the afternoon before zone conference.

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