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unsung heroes, senior couples

We are blessed to have several senior couples called to serve here in Norway with young adults, members and missionaries. We have currently couples in Trondheim, Bergen, Kristiansand, and Oslo.

In October we were saddened to have Elder and Sister Jensen and Elder and Sister Naylor leave us. Jensens served in the office and were wonderful training us in the many details of the mission which were totally new to us. Elder and Sister Naylor served members and missionaries in Trondheim. They are still serving as early morning, on-line seminary teachers two days a week here in Norway from Boise. These two couples love Norway and they love missionaries. We are richly blessed from their service.

We are fortunate that Elder and Sister Jackson and Elder and Sister Wersland have joined us in Norway. The Jacksons, mostly recently from Colorado, are serving in Trondheim and will bless the lives of members and missionaries there. The Werslands are working in Oslo as the office couple and keep the mission running. Elder Wersland is a native Norwegian and served his mission here. They join us from Utah.

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