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The restoration

Zone conferences this month focused on the beginning of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the first vision received by the Prophet Joseph Smith. Our strongest preparation for the second coming of the Savior is founded upon the knowledge given to Joseph Smith through the Book of Mormon, revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants and our firm testimony of the truths contained therein.

Members of the Oslo zone gathered in the Sandvika building this time.

Top: International companions Elder Gonzalez from Mexico and Elder Leonard from England.

Middle: Sisters in the Oslo zone

Bottom: MTC group reunion with Sister Neal, Elder Baird and Elder Sobotka

The Jacksons and Petterson, two of our senior couples, always make conferences memorable with lunch. Elder Barnes looks particularly happy with lunch in the top photo.

The West zone met in Stavanger.

The West zone had a surprising number of missionaries from the same MTC groups. Their photos are below.

Elders Fryer, Dansie and Garrett with Sister Scherschlight came to Norway together in September 2018.

Sisters Tingey and Evans, Elder Meldrum and Judson arrived in Norway in April 2019.

Elders Affleck, McSpadden, Jackson and Jones met in the MTC in June 2019.

Sister Rosenkilde and Elders Farnsworth and Rasch came to the MTC in July 2019.

Sisters Bean and Bartholomew reunite from their November 2019 MTC group.

Elders Bennett, Jaccard and Baird had no one from their MTC group, but joined forces here.

We all love the Glissmeyer and Morris couples.

The South zone (with the north) met in Drammen.

Sister Christensen and Elder Moll were in the MTC in April 2019.

Elders Fjord, King, Olson and Templeton came from the July 2019 MTC group.

Theses missionaries have no one else from their MTC group in the zone. Do we to change something?

Petersons and Werslands both serve in Oslo and help us out tremendously.

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