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Sad Days - Goodbyes

We knew we would love all the missionaries when we would meet them, but we never anticipated the heartache of saying goodbye to them when they complete their missions. Elder Sobotka and Baird both served in the office with us for six months during the dramatic transitions after Covid 19. We are grateful for thier leadership, their impact on the mission and on the members they taught and baptized. Elder Sobotka left for Utah and Elder Baird for Switzerland.

Elder Sobotka and Elder Baird reflecting on their original assignments from two years ago. They served together a total of four transfers, one transfer in the MTC, two transfers in Tromsø and one transfer in the office.

President and Sister Tew with two current assistants, Elder Van Slooten and Elder Judson, and two former assistants, Elder Sobotka and Elder Baird, at their farewell dinner,

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