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RAndom sightings

Sunday after Christmas, we took a drive to Fredrikstad to meet an exciting prospective convert who will be baptized soon. More to come on him later. President Tew was asked to share a few impromptu words in Sacrament Meeting, we shared some great conversations with members of the wonderful ward there, and had dinner with Elder Goodwin and Elder Sobotka. They were great hosts, even if Sister Tew brought food.

We shared Christmas Day with Elders and Sisters from Hamar, Moss and Tønsberg. They received many dinner invitations during the holidays, but none on Christmas Day, so we were happy for the company.

Sister Tew, Elders Moll and Greenwood, Sister and Elder Wersland, Jan Atle from the Sandvika ward, Sisters Bradshaw and Wilson, Elders Holbrook and Boyd enjoy the Bethlehem dinner, complete without utensils.

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