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random sightings

We enjoy watching sessions of general conference with missionaries serving in the Olso Fjord area. Interestingly we had birthdays on or near general conference so we enjoyed celebrating their birthdays together.

We shared a birthday moment with Elder Greenwood after a general conference session.

Sister Burkman was the reluctant birthday celebrant after another session of conference.

Elders Boyd, Holyoak, Pepe, Templeton, Well and Moll, Sisters Stansfield, Burkman, Deere and Evans with notebooks open during a break in general conference.

Dinner before general conference with Sisters Bradshaw, Christensen, Kimball and Rosenkilde, Elders Greenwood, DeMille, Barnes and Dansie with the ever vivacious and generous host, Sister Tew.

Cecilia Lundgren from Fredrikstad, always a friend, took Sister Tew over the border in Sweden for her first shopping trip. Prices in Sweden are significantly lower than in Norway.

David Cook and his wife are on a short-term temple assignment at the Stockholm temple and made a trip to Oslo to visit their friends, the Werslands now serving in the office. David and President Tew served in the Oslo area at the same time many years ago. It was great to see them.

Hungry late night arrivals in town for training are always welcome for some food before sleeping. Elders Jackson, Lindberg, Judson, Wall, Jones, King, Gonzalez, Goodwin, Jackson and Holbrook were happy to see each other before first transfer training.

Elder Leonard and Elder Garrett arrived from Harstad for zone conference, tired from a long plane ride and ready to help serve.

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