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Random sightings

Sister Tew joined Sisters Ford Stasiuk, Glissmeyer, Elders Sobotka, Tilby and Glissmeyer at the Edvard Gried Museum in Bergen overlooking this picturesque scene. We were blessed with two sunny days in a row in Bergen.

Missionaries above the Arctic Circle joined us for the mission conference in Bodø; Anton Nyman, Elders Meldrum, Garrett, Jaccard, President Tew, Elder Leonard, Sister Tew, Alexander Michaelsen, Sisters Palmer and Jones.

Payson Fry, Jared Parrish and Benjamin Arnesen sent us this photo from a BYU class they share. It is great to see former missionaries staying in touch.

Sisters Scherschligt, Schow, Tew and Elders Garrett and Judson joined us on Pday in the hull of the Fram, a ship used for early 1900 expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic.

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