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Random sightings

Settling into two phases of new corona quarantine guidelines made gathering with missionaries more challenging. Prior to the no-home visits implemented January 4, we were able to have some wonderful holiday visits with missionaries. The no-home visits are in place until January 18 and we are cautiously optimistic the current no-visit quarantine will be loosened.

A quick fjord hike with Elder Lee and and Elder King

We made a quick trip to Kristiansand where we had district council and interviews with the Elders from Kristiansand and the sisters from Arendal. This photo is the yard behind the church in Kristiansand. District councils are even more rewarding with a district lunch.

Elder Holbrook, Elder Graff, Sister Willits and Sister Ressler
District council lunch in Kristiansand

Elder Judson, President Tew and Elder Van Slooten practicing for their debut Christmas trio.

Christmas Eve dinner was with Oscar and Nalini, landlords in Sandvika. Elder Meldrum, former Elder Pepe and Elder Rasch live in the home.

Christmas Day breakfast, in compliance with the guideline of no more than ten in the home for two days around Christmas and New Years Day, with the Oslo District. Elder Judson, Elder Van Slooten, Elder Bevan, Sister Benedict, Sister Hiltebrand, Sister Tew, Sister Baird, Sister Whoolery, Celine, and Elder McSpadden. Celine had been uninvited to be with her family that day because of her decision to be baptized a few days after Christmas. We were happy to include her with the missionaries.

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