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We truly appreciate the opportunities we have to work one on two with the missionaries. When we visit an area or when a set of missionaries comes to the mission home, we will study and plan with them and have them teach a discussion. This helps us evaluate their needs in teaching, language and gospel knowledge. These visits may include a p-day hike which gives us a chance to see them with their guard down. We view them all as sacred times.

A visit to the Trondheim district allowed us to work with Elder Anderson, Sisters Silva and Hill, Elders Boyd, Memmott and on the back row, Sister Naylor, Elder Judson, Elder Naylor and Sister Tew

We spent a wonderful evening at the home of the new bishop in the Trondheim ward, Bishop Jan Peder Hegdal and his wife Allison. I first met Jan Peder when I attended the wedding of Elder Chandler Bird, in Logan Utah. Chandler Bird was the only missionary I set apart for Norway as a Stake President. He baptized Jan Peder several years ago in Trondheim.

After interviews with the Drammen district, we joined them for a quick lunch in the Drammen chapel. With President Tew are Elders Parrish and Garrett, Sisters Scherschligt and Neal.

Interviews with the Sandvika district ended with Elder Snapp and Steele fixing us lunch, a welcome change. Sister Evans and Sister Kimball joined us as well.

Elder Fowler and Moll preparing to retire after studies with President Tew

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