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One by sea, two by air.

We said goodbye to three elders who have served long and hard in Norway. Elder Boyd and Greenwood finished their missions together in Hamar and Elder Lindberg finished in Ålesund training Elder McSpaddden. Elder Lindberg may be the first missionary going home by ship in decades. His home is a ten-minute walk from the dock in Denmark.

Elder Lindberg with President and Sister Tew at the Oslo dock.

Elder Greenwood and Elder Boyd at the airport with President and Sister Tew.

Five elders came to Norway in this group, Elder Lindberg, Elder Greenwood, Elder Boyd, Elder Gonzalez and Elder Steel. Elder Steel started school this month, Elder Gonzalez, pictured here with his companion Leonard, extended one transfer and is in Oslo. This is an international photo with elders from Denmark, USA, Canada, Mexico and England.

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