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New year, new MLC members

We held MLC at the mission home for the first time because it was only two days before Christmas and we treated MLC members to our traditional Bethlehem dinner with marinated grilled lamb kebabs, mast, shireenpolo, salad with lots of pomegranates, dates, figs, humus, green beans and topped up with the home made baklava we have made for years at Christmastime. We even have some missionaries help make baklava on Pday. Of course they worked hard on planning, but it was a delight to share a Christmas tradition with MLC.

This does not look like a Christmas MLC photo in our back yard, but it was a warm welcome for new MLC members Sister Christensen, Elder Goodwin and Elder Meldrum. Front row: Sisters Scherschligt, Burkman, Ford, President and Sister Tew, Sisters Christensen, Jones and Evans. Back row: Two daughters of a member from Moss, Elders Judson, Goodwin, Sobotka, Baird, Dansie, Wall, Meldrum and Gonzalez.

MLC members sang a couple of beautiful Christmas songs wrapping an uplifting day of planning, accompanied by Elder Goodwin on a trombone.

Sister Burkman, Elder Wall, Elder Goodwin and Sister Jones showing the middle eastern dessert tray.

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