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Miracle Arrivals

Requirements for missionaries arriving in Norway were changed last month and we were unable to welcome as we normally would. Those arriving from the US had to come with a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of arrival in Norway. They arrived in Norway on three different dates, one from England, one from Norway and 8 from the USA and were taken quickly to their new areas to start their ten-day quarantine period. Six of the ten had been reassigned in the US for one to three transfers. We gathered them two weeks and three weeks later, five elders for the first training and five sisters for the second training. It was an unusual welcome but we are grateful they arrived. Norway is one of a few European countries receiving missionaries from other non-EU countries.

Elder Brown is in Moss, Elder Ralph in Bergen, Elder Bevan in Oslo, Elder Ence in Drammen og Elder Bjerkøe in Fredrikstad. Their companions are Elders Farnsworth, Beutel, McSpadden, Affleck and Høgset.

We were able to greet Sisters Ressler, Wilcox and Bailey when they arrived before they departed to Arendal, Trondheim and Tromsø. Their companions are Sisters Willits, Isaksen and Skinner.

Zoom room is a common meeting place during corona restrictions, even for new missionaries. From the top, Sister Rosenkilde with Sister Sande in Fredrikstad, Sister Wilcox with Sister Isaksen in Trondheim, Sister Skinner with Sister Bailey in Tromsø, Sister Ressler with Sister Willits in Arendal and Sister Johnson with Sister Johnston in Haugesund.

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