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Live Conference South Zone

Our smallest zone now, the south zone gathered in Drammen to learn and to become reacquainted. Missionaries gathered from Tromsø and Bodø in North Norway, Drammen and Tønsberg.

Sisters Baird and Isaksen sang beautifully and were accompanied by Elder Graff and recently returned missionary Sister Moen from the Drammen ward.

Elder Bevan and Sister Baird helping Sister Tew with the working with children workshop.

Being taught by able zone leaders Elder Lee and Moffat and sister training leaders Sister Isaksen and Baird.

Elders Beaird, Bybee, Thackeray and President Tew

Elders Høgset, Graff, Bevan and Farnsworth
Always grateful for our couples, Sister Wersland, Sister and Elder Lloyd.

We are going to miss Elder Høgset who returns home this month. He is the only remaining Norwegian missionary who came to us last year as a result of COVID. We will sorely miss the several Norwegian missionaries who strengthened the mission during the last 15 months.

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