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Last 1st transfer training

Elder Bybee came by himself and how grateful we are he came. We waited for 1st training training hoping another elder would arrive, but we went into lockdown and the borders closed so we finally held 1st transfer training February 24, 2021, just for him and his trainer Elder Rasch, both great elders..

Current status of future missionaries is that 23 missionaries and 2 senior couples have been called to Norway, but only 1 has received a visa. Borders are closed to everyone who is not currently a resident and we don't anticipate new missionaries for a least 8 more weeks. We feel like Captain Moroni hoping for reinforcements from the capital. We are few but we are mighty.

President Tew with Elders Rasch, McSpadden, Bybee and Farnsworth

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20 мар. 2021 г.

Love your photo's

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