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Installment transfers

August had us coming and going to the airport. We said goodbye first to Elder Chew and Elder Snapp August 1, then Elder Fry on August 12 and 10 others on August 15. We were expecting five new missionaries on August 13, but only Elder Affleck arrived from the MTC group. The other six are waiting for Norwegian visas at various places in the US. The four visa waiters from last transfer arrived a day late, so we said hello and goodbye to them at the airport on August 14. We are looking forward to a more organized transfer next time around.

Elder Fry and Elder Ewell wishing Elder Chew and Elder Snapp bon voyage.

It was a quiet, sad goodbye to Elder Fry who served faithfully in the office with us for the past six months.

A ray of sunshine with a radiant smile. Good luck Elder Fry.

Another large group headed home, Elders Parrish, Fowler, Ewell (staying), Baldwin, Baughan, Anderson, Aland, Spencer, Memmott, Holyoak (staying), Sisters Barlow and Bair. They will be missed. Elders Steel and Pepe dropped in for dinner with the Jensens and Sister Tew.

A great relief to get one of the five missionaries we were expecting, Elder Affleck.

Elder Affleck was excited to get a dyna after not having one in the MTC for six weeks. Elder Holyaok enjoying an easy beginning to tranfers. We are glad to have him serve in office with Elder Ewell, but he missed a transition with Elder Fry.

Greeting the remaining missionaries a day late at the airport, Elder Tilby with Elder Affleck, Elders Ewell and Holyoak, and Sisters Schow, Tew, Palmer and Stasiuk.

The mission home dinner and welcome will wait for these missionaries heading out the same day to their assigned areas.

Elder Affleck headed to Stavanger with Elder Baird.

Excited to receive their assignments to Bergen, Tromsø, Drammen and Bergen, but weary at a long day of travel.

Transfer week is exhausting.

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