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I'll be home for christmas

We are sad to lose this great group of missionaries but happy for them to celebrate Christmas with family and friends at home. We will miss their leadership, their language skills and their love for the people of Norway.

Sisters Hill and Stansfield will be returning home to Utah, Elder Ewell to Nevada, Sister Silva to Norway, Sister Madsen to Utah and Elder Steele to Idaho.

And we might add that we will miss Elder Steele's baking prowess.

We spent one week in the MTC with this group while waiting for our visas. The sisters return home but we have Elder Pepe for six more months.

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Mary Gay Taylor Jones
Mary Gay Taylor Jones
21 dic 2019

How sweet and also sad to lose your missionaries that you came out with! That's a real changing of the guard! And a halfway point for you as well. Merry Christmas to you all!

We hope to come to see you in July 2020!

Mary Gay Jones

Me gusta
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