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Flexible MLC

We were excited to meet in person for Mission Leadership Council, but as missionaries were preparing to travel Sunday evening for the January 4 Monday meeting, new guidelines went into place that do not allow more than 10 people to gather for an indoor event unless the chairs are fastened to the floor. Missionaries coming by plane from Bergen and Stavanger already had their baggage on the plane, so we had missionaries in Drammen and Fredrikstad gather in Drammen to stay in guidelines and we had wonderful planning meeting. We would prefer to gather in person, but are grateful for the flexibility the missionaries accept.

This is the masked version recommended when moving around. The one below is allowed with people are stationary at their seats.

Current members of MLC are Sisters Bean, Wyssenbach, Benedict, Jacobsen, Elders Tilby, Templeton, Van Slooten and McSpadden. On the screen we see Elder Bennett, Elder Affleck, Sister Bartholomew, Elder Olson, Sister Horgmo and Elder Høgset. I would take all of these missionaries with me into an emergency situation. They are flexible, positive, communicative, creative and insightful.

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Cindy Hansen
Cindy Hansen
24 Μαρ 2021

I love the pictures. Thank you for sharing the faces of your amazing missionaries.

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