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finally first transfer training

Corona virus, visa delays and travel restrictions have prevented us from gathering our new missionaries for first transfer training. We are grateful restrictions are easing and we were able to gather them in two groups. We really can't call it first transfer training. Elder Lee and Bennett left the MTC in December. Elder Thackeray and Elder Beutel left the MTC in January. These elders all visa waited in the US. Sisters Magnusdotter, Skinner and Gillam and Elders Moffat and Williams came directly from the MTC in March without having to visa wait.

Elders Bennett, Fjord, Thackeray, Farnsworth, Lee, Beutel, Høgset, Baird, Sobotak and Tilby with Sister Tew.

Sisters Gillam, Willits, Bartholomew, Magnusdotter, Tew, Stasiuk and Skinner.
MTC companions reunited. Elders Fansworth, Fjord, Lee, Bennett, Thackeray, Beutel, Baird and Sobotka.

Elders Baird, Sobotka, Williams, Barnes, Moffat and Wall.

MTC group most recently in the country gathered together for the first time.

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