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corona departures

We have been frustrated by the rapid departures of three sets of senior missionaries, two missionaries for health related issues, and two early releases for possible flight cancellations. The Glissmeyers flew out of Bergen, the Morris's from Kristiansand. We were sad not to say goodby to them in person. The Petersons flew out of Oslo. How we will miss these great couples who have been great examples to the members, missionaries and Norwegians.

Elder and Sister Peterson with Elders Dansie and Baird. So many trips to the airport this week.

These early releases yanked at our heart strings. Elder Hart has been in the country for five months after visa waiting in Colorado one transfer. He had been transferred Ålesund for three days when we got notice of his early release.We hope to get him back. Sister Christensen has served for one year and we hope to see her again. She served most recently as an STL with Sister Stolt in Drammen. We will miss them until they return. We are losing our lone violin player.

Elder DeMille was in his last transfer when he was released to get a flight back home because of flight restrictions. He had just been transferred back to Tønsberg and was serving with Elder Moll. We will miss his work on Lys Over Norge, his music talents among other talents.

Sister Neal enjoying a final dinner in the mission home with Sister Rosenkilde and Sister Stolt. She returns home to Idaho after serving her entire mission in Norway. We will miss her kindness and compassion.

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