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A miracle arrival replaces 3 great sisters.

Elder Peschen from Zambia came to Norway by way of Germany after quarantining two weeks in Germany with his aunt. It went smoothly and we were so grateful to receive our first new missionary since January 8. He served in Zambia for two transfers before coming to Norway.

Elder Lee, the first trainer since January, watches with Elder Bennett and Elder Thackeray as elder Peschen experiments with his first dyne cover.

Three wonderful sisters left after their time in Norway. They had some great teaching experiences and a great impact on Norway.

Sister Whoolery is going home to Idaho then off to BYU Provo, Sister Magnusdotter is from Sweden but miraculously is going home to England, Sister Johnston is off to BYU Provo after speaking in her new home in Utah and old home in California. Sister Isaksen will be in Bergen for three more weeks before heading home to Georgia before going to BYU Provo winter semester.

Nothing is complete without a wonderful going away dinner in the mission home.

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