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2nd remote zone conferences

We are grateful for technology which lets us gather, but the West Zone in particular will appreciate the opportunity to gather in person. Their last gathering was in February. From top left, Sisters Bartholomew and Magnusdotter in Arendal; Elder Sobotka, President Tew, Sister Tew and Elder Baird in the Oslo office; Elders Judson, Holbrook, Van Slooten, Garrett, Sisters Tingey and Bean, Elders Høgset and Lee gathered in Stavanger; Elders Dansie and Høget, Sisters Evans and Bradshaw in Bergen; Elders King and Jones in Kristiansand; and Elders Fjord, Farnsworth, Lee and Thackeray joined from Ålesund.

Elders on the Romsdal district provided a great pre-recorded musical number from Ålesund, Elders Lee, Fjord, Thackeray and Farnsworth.

Elder Lee was accompanied by Elder Høgset for another great pre-recorded musical number.

Cooking pictures from around the west zone.

The South Zone had the largest in person gathering with Elders Meldrum, Pepe, Olson, Moll, Sisters Willits, Gillam, Stolt, Rosenkilde, and Elders Barnes and Williams. Below we have remote attendees from Tromsø, Sisters Hilterbrand, Benedict and Wilson (Elders Fryer and Rash are there somewhere); Elders Moffat and Wall from Harstad, Elder and Sister Lloyd in Bodø, and Sisters Wyssenbach and Jacobsen in Skien.

Elder Olson accompanied by Elder Moll provided a beautiful pre-recorded musical number from Tønsberg.

We are still avoiding public transit when possible. The most cars in the South Zone allowed for more to gather in person for conference. The blue Hyundai beasts are on display here, with 'a group of elders who were together in Tromsø over a year ago, Elders Moll, Sobotka, Baird, President Tew and Elder Pepe.

Sister Hilterbrand and Sister Wilson played a beautiful duet pre-recorded Tromsø.

Cooking together remotely was a fun way to connect when we can't gather. Elders Sobotka, Baird, Sister Tew, Elders Affleck and Leonard, Sisters Deere and Ford enjoy the cauliflower curry dinner we all made. Sorry we didn't take pictures of the screen from the rest of the zone gathered in Lillestrøm, Trondheim and Moss.

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