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Velkommen! four sisters, three elders, two couples

Sisters Stolt, Tingey, Christensen, Evans, Elders Wall, Meldrum and Moll join President and Sister Tew, Elder Egan and Elder Fry at the Oslo Airport. We are grateful they all arrived, even though Elder Wall visa waited in California one transfer.

Elder and Sister Glissmeyer arrived in time for their first zone conference before they flew to their new home in Bergen.

Elder and Sister Morris arrived with the new elders in sisters and are now in their new home in Kristiansand.

These eager but tired missionaries received their first assignment after a long day, night and day.

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Mary Snow
Mary Snow
Apr 27, 2019

Glad to see my cousin and her husband, Gary and Vicky Morris made it to the best mission in the world. I may be biased, but good luck on your work to people I love so much.


Mary Gay Jones
Mary Gay Jones
Apr 17, 2019

Hooray the Morris’s have arrived!! Hope they will find success in their missionary endeavors!

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