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Trondheim, Kristiansund, haugesund

We are blessed to visit various congregations throughout the country. This month, we made our first visits to these west coast towns, met many of the members and spoke in Sacrament Meetings.

We were able to spend some working working with Sister Jones, Sister Hill, Elder Martineau and Spencer. We were able to squeeze in a quick hike to a monument honoring the king who united western Norway in 872.

Elder Sperry and Snapp kept us going in Kristiansund where we held church in the home of President Chavez, a doctor from Columbia working here now. Members attending that day were from Columbia, Peru, Ukraine, Norway and missionaries from the USA

In Trondheim we met one who remembers President Tew from his mission, Sister Wie. She asked him to bless her baby daughter, Ranghild, in Bodø in 1976. The top picture is Jan Peder Hegdal who was baptized by Elder Chandler Bird, the only missionary from our stake to Norway set apart by President Tew. Jan Peder and President Tew met in Utah three years ago when they drove to Logan together from Salt Lake City for Elder Bird's wedding.

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