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Tromsø district Council

We traveled to Tromsø in what may be our last trip for a while with the increases in COVID 19 cases in Norway. Though the number of cases in Norway is small compared to the rest of the Europe and the US, Norwegians are serious about keeping the contagion under control. Guidelines are not as strict as they were in March through June, but we will comply with more technology focus until the government relaxes the guidelines.

Dusk in Tromsø Norway, 2 p.m. November 10. 2020, in front of the Tromsø domkirke.

A view of Tromsø and the fjord from Fjellheisen around noon.

Elders Jones, Belnap, Jackson, Bennet, Moffat, Rasmus, Killian, Sisters Tew, Joyce and Skinner. They gathered from Bodø, Harstad and Tromsø for Pday and a welcome in-person district council.

Stained glass window of the modern Lutheran church in Tromsø.

Dinner with branch president Alexander Michaelsen and his mother Bente, long-time members in Tromsø.

Our first Sunday back in Oslo was our first day in the second round of Sunday mission meetings in lieu of Sacrament Meeting. They are uplifting meetings in which missionaries give talks, share music and testimonies and renew our connections. We anticipate regular church meetings will be cancelled at least until the end of November and possibly longer.

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