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Together at Last

After four transfers having MLC from several remote locations in the country, we felt comfortable gathering in Olso with a change in quarantine regulations. Everyone helped but Elder and Sister Wersland were really behind our lunch. Aprons were to protect our clothes.

Sister and President Tew, Elders Bennett, Farnsworth, Lee, Fjord, Thackeray, Rasch, Moffat, Beutel, Sisters Jones, Johnston, Isaksen and Baird.

With only 14 sisters serving in the country now, we dropped to two sets of sister training leaders. Standing with Sister Tew are Sisters Jones, Isaksen, Johnston and Baird.

An annual picture of the elders of MLC, Elders Moffat, Rasch, Fjord, Farnsworth, Tew, Lee, Bennett, Thackeray and Beutel.

Always a welcome break from planning, lunch courtesy of Elder and Sister Wersland.

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