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So long for now

Another great group of missionaries headed for home. This is the last group in Norway who experienced much of a pre-COVID mission so we have been through significant transitions with them. They return home to England, Texas and Utah. We are so grateful for the impact they have had on the mission, the people they have loved, taught and baptized. We look forward to hearing of their adventures as they move forward to their next phase of life.

Sisters Skinner and Gillam, Elders Templeton, Farnsworth, Rasch, Fjord, King, Affleck, Thackeray, Bennett and Olson together one last time. Elder Thackeray and Bennett remain here but have served with so many of this group.

Serving until the end, Sister and Elder Wersland rest before they head home to finalize packing for their trip home to Utah. We have loved serving with them this past two years.

Always helpful in the kitchen, this group will be well prepared to serve others wherever they are.

Ending where they started, this group came at three different times but they go home together. It is a joy to feed them in the mission home, but is sad to say goodbye. We will remember them always.

Those going to Utah arrived at JFK in New York and met a few Swedish returning missionaries. Everyone got home safely.

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