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senior couples are the best

Two wonderful couples who have served in Norway departed this past month. In conjunction with a zone conference, we were able to gather all the couples for dinner, discussion and training. Elder and Sister Castle most recently served in Ålesund where he served as Branch President. They previously worked with young single adults in Stavanger. Elder and Sister Cook served the past year in Tromsø where he was Branch President. Previously they served in Kristiansand with the young single adults. If you are reading this and are close to retirement, please consider a mission as a couple. It is a marvelous experience.

Castles, on the left, and the Cooks will be sorely missed by the missionaries and the many members they served in Norway.

Our wonderful couples. Jensens serve in the office in Oslo, Cooks, Petersons work with young single adults in Oslo and members in Hamar, Castles, Morris's serve YSA in Kristiansand, Glissmeyers serve YSA in Bergen and Castles serve YSA in Trondheim. Sister Tew serves everyone with love and a smile.

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