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Return to Fredrikstad

President Tew served the last three months of his mission in Fredrikstad. We returned there for a district council and interviews with members of the district and met with Brother and Sister Evans. Brother Evans was the branch president during the time President Tew was in Fredrikstad.

Lunch after district council outside the Fredrikstad chapel with Elders Fowler, Johnson, Pepe, Sperry and Sisters Scherschligt, Tew and Ellison

Scripture study with Elders Sperry and Johnson in their Moss apartment.

Sister Scherschligt, Sister Evans, Sister Ellison, President Tew and Brother Evans in the Evans home in Fredrikstad.

Sister Tew saying goodbye to the great missionaries in Fredrikstad, Sisters Ellison,Scherschligt, Elders Pepe and Fowler.

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