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Random Sightings West Zone-Prekestolen

In perhaps our last hike to this famous location, Prekestolen outside of Stavanger, we took a hike with the Stavanger district and held interviews on the way. What a great way to get to know these great missionaries - on a hike in the beautiful outdoors of Norway.

Sisters Tew, Baird, Wyssenbach, Elders Moffat, Fjord, Tilby, Brown, Thomas and Bjerkøe posing on top of Prekestolen.

Nearly half way for Sisters Wyssenbach, Tew and Baird.

Elder Thomas, Alex Forsberg, Sister Tew and Elder Brown who dropped something off to us at the hotel after their late night basketball game and before we headed back to Oslo.

Can you guess who they are from behind?

Stavanger from the top of our hotel looks as it did in 1975 when I first came here. Elder Thomas and Brown are new.
A common site in Stavanger, oil rigs being built or repaired.

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