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Random sightings-Oslo zone

We love the times we meet missionaries in various settings around the mission home. Here are several April visits for interviews, hikes and quick bike rides during April.

This March 30 pday hike was organized by Elder and Sister Wersland. It is a beautiful walk around a lake just outside of Asker. Elders Farnsworth, Rasch, Sister Tew, Wersland, Elders McSpadden and Wersland, Sisters Johnston, Jones and Elder Beutel.

Sister Tew loves the moss found on all the hikes.

I can't resist the ducks and reflections on the lakes

No hike is totally complete in Norway without a waterfall.

Sister Tew, Cecilie Lundgren, Elders Jones and Holbrook on the way to Kongens utsikt.

One of our first trips in Norway was to Fredrikstad to interview missionaries in the district there. In perhaps one of our last visits to Fredrikstad, we met to interview missionaries Elders Jackson and Killian and Sisters Benedict and Joyce.

Elders Bybee and Affleck came from Asker for interviews and were just in time for lunch.

A recent bike ride along the Oslo fjord near Lysaker gave us these two beautiful spring photos.

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