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quarantine in nature

We feel blessed to have amazing nature close to cities in all parts of the country. It is easy to maintain the guidelines for social distancing and self quarantine in the vast open nature areas. Missionaries are encouraged to get out of their apartments frequently to avoid "cabin fever" and keep their minds and spirits up. Being out of doors in this beautiful country is a significant advantage for us because several of our European missionaries are under more stringent quarantine rules.

Whenever possible, we try and spend a Pday with a small group of missionaries who work near the Oslo fjord area. We miss not having this opportunity for missionaries farther away during this time of travel restrictions.

The Oslo district joined us for a Pday hike to Kongens Utsikt March 17, Elders Dansie, Affleck, Baird, Sisters Ford, Tew, Deere and Elder Leonard.

A bit of irony in the bottle cap Elder Affleck found in the snow.

An early release left Elder Moll with us two days, so a bike ride was in order.

Elders Tilby, Goodwin, Sobotka, Beutel, Sisters Holland, Kimball, Wilson, Skinner and Tew on thick ice.

Elder Moll ended up as our companion for a couple of days after his companion was released early because of increasing flight restrictions. We took our favorite short fjord bike trip. to get out of the house that day.

Drastic times, drastic measures. All barbershops in the country are closed so President Tew practiced on these elders.

A break from interviews with these missionaries in the Sandvika district after they finished their 14-day quarantine after arriving in the country just over two weeks ago took us to the fjord path not far from the mission home.

Sisters Gillam and Willits, President Tew, Elders Barnes and Williams.

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