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pre-christmas visits to North Norway

The small congregations of members in Norway, called branches, are not part of the stakes in Norway, so President Tew has direct responsibility to oversee the members north of the Arctic Circle. As a result, we travel north fairly often. Here are photos from our trips to Bodø, Harstad and Narvik two weekends in mid December.

Elder Pritchett and Elder Chew were all smiles when we took them to a local burger shop in Bodø. We forgot the name of the shop.

Downtown Bodø's Christmas Tree, President and Sister Tew modeling the the traditional Norwegian clothing while having dinner with Jack and Anne-Randi Farstad. Jack is a counselor to President Tew in the mission presidency.

Visiting the missionaries and having scripture study with them is a highlight of every trip to a different city. Elder Pfeiffer and Danzie are serving both Harstad and Narvik. The photo is a scene between the two cities. They have one of the most comfortable missionary apartments the country. (No shooting - this is for the missionaries.)

Sister Tew with Stein Hugo and Connie Hansen on their farm in Fjelldal Norway. He serves as branch president over the Harstad-Narvik branch. The church is a stately old Lutheran Church in Narvik.

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