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Pday in kristiansand

With the decrease in missionaries, it is necessary to close some apartments. The assistants joined us to clean and move furniture from some Kristiansand units and we enjoyed a visit with sisters in Arendal on the way and Pday with the Kristiansand district.

We had to stop at this beautiful river scene outside Svarstad on the way home.

This island, Odderøya, has defense sites from World War II and is within walking distance of downtown Kristiansand. We enjoyed a relaxing hike with Elders Jones, King, Sobotka, Baird, Sisters Bartholomew and Manusdotter.

Couldn't resist this corona virus model at the beginning our hike.

We still love seeing the world together.

Lunch in Arendal with Sisters Bartholomew, Magnusdotter, Elders Baird and Sobotka.

Assistants Baird and Sobokta join President Tew on this river heading home.
Returning to the desert climate will be shocking after the green beauty of Norway.
We stopped in Skien on the way home to see Sisters Jacobsen and Wyssenbach.

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