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NOrwegian Friends

We haven't talked a lot about the great members we have developed friendships with in Norway during the past three years. On our recent trip to Fredrikstad, we stopped in to see two amazing families we have know and love among many others. After conference, we had dinner with Cecilia Lundgreen, a wonderful member of the church who joined 19 years ago when she was aprofessional golfer. She is a tremendous missionary and helps in so many ways teaching early morning seminary, stake young women, volunteer work in Zimbabwe. She lives across the street from the golf course she manages, and the course her family has been involved with for three generations. These photos were taken between 10 and 11 pm as we wandered around the beautiful nine-hole golf course in Sarpsborg, Norway.

Pilar and Hugo came from Ecuador via Spain where they joined the church before they moved to Norway in 2012. Pilar helps us at the mission home. We had dinner at their home with their three daughters and grandson on the way home from Fredrikstad on Saturday.

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