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miracle in five countries

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

In the Dutch Navy a young woman found sister missionaries in five countries, first in Tromsø, Norway where she received a Book of Mormon from Sisters Jones and Palmer on their second day there after a double transfer. She returned to her hotel and read in Alma about the seed of faith and she was ready for more. She attempted to find the sisters the next day before setting out to sea, but was unable to do so. She eventually looked up and a couple of sisters who felt prompted to learn some Dutch found her and began to teach her. She attended church first in Canada, then "coincidentally" found sisters in two others ports, then home to Holland where these two sisters were able to baptize her. We heard the news from Elder DeFeo in a talk he gave at our Rome leadership conference after he was visiting in Holland. Quite a story involving sisters around the globe. What a blessing to hear the end of a story.

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