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leaders homeward bound

Sisters Starkie, Rawson and Elders Shanklin, Garlick, McCourt, Putt and Jensen relive their first day in the country with their original assignment pages.

When we were called to serve we didn't anticipate two things: how much love we were given for the missionaries, truly the gift of charity described by Moroni, nor the pain we would feel when they leave us to return home.

President Weggersen, a counselor in the mission presidency from Drammen, and Sister Weggersen joined us for our final evening with these departing missionaries.

Reliving the jumping tradition of new missionaries.

Elders Fry, Egan, McCourt and Garlick have been our assistants all but two transfers since we got here. We are grateful to have Elder Egan one more transfer and Elder Fry two more.

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