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Italy to NOrway

Elders Farnsworth, Van Slooten and McSpadden with Alessandro.

Alessandro moved to Norway 21 years ago. Originally from Italy, he grew up believing in God and Jesus Christ from his upbringing in the Catholic Church. He never lost faith in God but was not sure exactly what to believe in. Elder Judson added Alessandro as a friend on Facebook last summer, but the conversation did not go too well and died after a while. Elder Van Slooten added Alessandro as a friend before he knew that Elder Judson had already contacted him. They started a conversation that went pretty well. At the same time, Elder Farnsworth and Elder Høgset had encouraged everyone in the Oslo zone to invite all their friends to watch President Nelson's message of hope and healing to be transmitted soon. Alessandro saw it and felt that what was said was true and uplifting. After talking a good deal, Elder Van Slooten and Elder Judson Alessandro met for some kebab in town at the end of November. He had many good questions about the Book of Mormon and the Bible and who we were and what we did as missionaries in Norway. He was impressed with how disciplined they were and they agreed on another time they could meet to answer more of his questions. He had many good questions and wanted to know more. He eventually noticed that reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and keeping the commandments gave him more strength and joy. He was baptized on March 6 and already has many friends in the church and an assigned ministering brother. He looks forward to continuing to grow in his faith and serve others! Never give up, there are people who are ready to receive the restored gospel in every area. We just need to find them!

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